• TO PROMOTE improved administration of family support programs through diligent enforcement of state and federal laws.
  • TO DEVELOP, promote and conduct educational training programs and conferences to keep federal, state and county officials, members of the judiciary, and legal practitioners informed of the latest techniques, procedures and practices in family support enforcement.
  • TO PROVIDE, through publication of a quarterly newsletter dedicated specifically to family support enforcement issues, timely information regarding changes in legislation, case law and procedures so as to promote effective family support enforcement.
  • TO PROVIDE governmental officials at all levels and the general public with information regarding family support programs.
  • TO PROVIDE ways and means whereby state and county officials, organizations and individual practitioners involved in family support enforcement can obtain expert advice and exchange information, ideas and experiences.
  • TO SECURE the cooperation of federal, state and county units of government to study family support problems and devise methods to improve and standardize enforcement policies and procedures.
  • TO DEVELOP and promote inter-jurisdictional agreements and arrangements for the joint provision of more comprehensive approaches to family support recovery programs.